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Hi. I'm Uncle Mike.

I am many things to many people, a husband to my beautiful wife of over forty years, a father to my two grown children, a grandfather of three, and "Uncle Mike" to more nieces, nephews, in-laws and outlaws than I can keep track of.

As much as I treasure each of those relationships, the labels that go with them have never defined me. Nor should yours define you.

Every mom deserves a chance to be a whole person and an opportunity to pursue their passions with confidence.

I created DIBL(Design Inspired by Life), very specifically to help a few gifted artists in my life (who happen to be moms) find their voice and audience.

My intent is to post here at least once a week. Sometimes it might be about a new piece I am particularly proud of. But most often it will be stories intended to inspire and encourage moms to do and become whatever brings them joy and purpose.

Of course every post will also include a picture of one of our featured products. If you see one that interests you, there will be a link with more info at the and of the post.

I hope you find something here that speaks to you and invite you to share your experiences with the DIBL community.

Welcome to DIBL.shop

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