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The Art and Science Of Influence

This post is written for DIBL fans who would like to bank some coin and get big discounts on great products by sharing us with friends. . . .regardless of your level of experience. If you are an experienced marketer, you may find a few nuggets here that will help you hone your craft.

No matter how much we think we are in charge, every decision we make is shaped by and subject to the influence of others. It is the cornerstone of human behavior and psychology. Our perspectives are constantly manipulated by advertising, political propaganda, magazine articles, news channels, and social media. Like most skills, the power to influence others can be used for good or bad.

Most of us have to be convinced to do something that's hard, hurts, takes a long time, tastes bad, or requires us to give up something, . . even if its in our own best interest.

Conversely, we often do stupid things at the slightest suggestion that it will feel good, help us loose weight, or look younger.

Humans have been testing trial-Trial-and-error persuasion techniques forever. Mitt Romney on the stump, singles at the bar, car salesmen on the lot: All sorts of people are practicing the art of influence with varying degrees of success.

We're all subject to influence by others, says Robert Cialdini, professor emeritus of psychology at Arizona State University and author of “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.”

DIBL is an acronym for Design Inspired By Life and is devoted to helping women, especially moms, find their voice through art. I think most of us would agree that artistic expression is important and comes in many forms.

But within each form of expression there are many nuances and communication objectives.

For some, like Rena and April, two of our Featured Artists and members of our design team, its visual. Others communicate and tell their story with words and/or music.

The art of Influence is very powerful. We have used gestures, spoken & written words, images, and sound to communicate with others at an emotional level since the dawn of time. Those who master the art of influence ultimately determine our cultural norms, global economic failure or success, and even the geography of the world.

Anybody who has any experience with Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube has probably heard the term “influencer”, usually in the context of superstars with millions of “followers”. Some of these folks make insane amounts of money either personally recommending products or allowing advertisers to place ads in their posts.

However, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people just like you and me who make extra money just sharing their passions/experiences with others. Sharing stories is the most critical ingredient for success as a social media influencer. Your passion is your voice. The more enthusiasm you bring to your stories (blog posts, pics, videos), the faster your audience, influence, and bank account will grow.

Elaine Rau

Influencers also help determine the success or failure of tiny little business startups like DIBL.shop.

Today I am sharing one woman's story, but there are thousands like her. You could be one of them. Her story in her words., . . .

“Before I started blogging, I was in the wedding industry. I worked my way up the corporate ladder and landed the prestigious title as the National Wedding Sales Manager for a global company. It was my dream job!

My job was my life and I worked 24/7, but I loved what I did so it never felt like work. (But also I was controlled by money, which is why I worked all the time).

However, it all came crashing down when I received a devastating phone call from my boyfriend. His older brother had been missing for a week and he was calling me with an update.

He had just found his brother’s body… he had been murdered.

I called my boss and asked if I could attend the overseas funeral, but his response shocked me. He said NO… because it would affect sales.

I realized at that exact moment that I was merely a dollar sign to the company. So I quit, packed my life up into 2 suitcases, and moved to Honduras.

However, I didn’t realize how hard the transition would be. I had left my home, my friends, and my job (which was a huge part of my identity), and had moved to a developing country where I didn’t speak the language or understand the culture.

My “wedding industry skills” and sales skills were all useless there and I started to feel extremely isolated. The only person I could talk to was my boyfriend and he was going through a rough time.

So I started this blog as an outlet for me to learn how to make money online and become a LADY BOSS BLOGGER.

A year later, the Huffington Post asked to interview me to talk about how I started monetizing my blog from week one and how I was able to scale so quickly without any prior blogging experience.

After the article went up, people started flooding my inbox with questions, so I decided to compile the most common questions people were curious about and made that the basis for my first online blogging course.

A year after that, people started emailing me more personal questions about who I was (since I didn’t share too much online), so I decided to showcase my lifestyle a bit more on my personal Instagram page @elainerau.

After a year of daily posts, brands started noticing me and I started working on lots of collaborations which brought even more exposure and once again started getting lots of DMS about how to work with brands so I compiled my best strategies and created my second course on monetizing your Instagram.

If I can do it, so can you.

In the coming months I will share more stories like Elaine's in the hope that it will give others courage to step out of their comfort zone and find their voice.

Like any worthwhile endeavor, success takes time & effort. However, as a lifetime entrepreneur and LinkedIn influencer, I can attest with absolute certainty there is no more fulfilling, lower cost, or greater potential business opportunity available. Ninety percent of your success will depend on your belief in yourself. The other ten percent is willingness to learn, consistency, and persistence.

If you are ready to find your voice, we canhelp.

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